Remastering CD’s for loudness

I am currently working on remastering my cd’s so they will all play at approximately the same loudness level in my CD Changers as background music in the apartment.

Not as easy as I though at first. But by ripping them in Exact Audio Copy, then checking the levels in Audacity, then adjusting the levels with Wavegain for each CD, rechecking in Audacity. And, if okay, burning new ones with Ashampoo, I get something I can use.

The only real problem I ran into is that Wavegain will not deal with the long file names that some tracks have, I eventually figured out that I can adjust the levels of the entire rip of the CD by putting it in a directory and adjusting them all.

At this point with 12 cd’s done, I think I have about gotten it figured out. Only a couple of hundred to go.

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