End of January

Let’s see?

Had a tooth removed a week ago today. It broke off just below the gum line. Not the most comfortable removal I have had. Still a bit sensitive. The dentist says I have to have two more cavities filled and a crown on one tooth, actually need crowns on several but my insurance does not cover them. That one needs to be done because it is an anchor for the upper partial. Being poor I get a discount, but it is still expensive.

I mentioned the Pioneer Speakers last time, finally got around to taking photo:


Those fancy bases are cardboard boxes with contact paper on them. The TV is connected to the stereo which is connected to the speakers.

We had our second snow night before last, and today it is supposed to be in the mid-50’s. Not so much global warming as drought weather.

I am sad to say that I am putting one weight again. Some my remember that I lost a lot when in the hospital a couple of years back, and could not put it back on. Now I am putting too much on. Sigh!


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