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In a discussion on one of the video forums I came up with the idea of doing a series of short films about what things were like when I was a kid. Being in my mid 70’s that was awhile back and many things were very different than they are today.

There was a discussion about where to get old photos and what to do about one that seems to be unique on the web with a message that he will not give permissions to use the images on his site.

Today I posted what is probably the first about planning this video, it was also somewhat personal, so I thought it would be more appropriate on this blog. The following is copied from that forum:


Being a lazy old fart, things are going slow on this.

I know most of you would have had something as simple as this is intended to be done in a week. I have decided to use my living room as the set, but have not even gotten it picked up yet. I still have to convert my thinking here to a written plan and at least outline my talk. I intend for this one to cover from 1949 when we moved to Detroit to about 1955. Most of the old days were in that period, changes after that were not so obvious.

I have decided that I will use that photo in a working version, not to be published, as well as some others. Then try to get permissions and better than web copies of them for the final version.

I do not know where the time goes, I seem to do almost nothing, but before I know it it is 2 or 3 in the morning and I need to go to bed. Of course I no longer need to be at work 7 in the morning, so get more sleep than I did when I was a lot younger. There was a time I kept a “to do” list, it got to be 8 pages long and was rather depressing before I threw it away.

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  1. Scott Koue says:

    Hey, Noiz2 here from DVXUser,

    We moved to Detroit in 2011, so if you want/ need any current shots let me know.


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