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A pair of inexpensive mic’s. LyxPeo SDPC-2 Stereo Multi-Capsule Pencil Microphones. They came with that neat aluminum case.


The two microphones with omn-idirectional, cardioid, and super-cardioid capsules. Plus the usual mounts and foam windscreens. They seemed to work pretty well in my preliminary tests.


There I have them set up as an X/Y Stereo Pair recording into the Zoom F4 Field Recorder. Nope, that is not the Zoom behind them, it is the mixer-deck/audio-interface connected to my computer. NOTE: it is the angle I shot the photo from, the pair of mic’s were actually pointed at me when I was recording my wonderful voice (ha, ha, ha…).

Since Hyper/Super-Cardioid are used a lot in film production. I tried one of them with the Super-Cardioid Capsule. Sounded quite okay to me.

This set of mic’s cost only $80 on Amazon.


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