Where Are We?

Nearly a month, and no post.

So, why, and where are we at this point in life?

I have been ill off and on. Nothing serious, but kind of not feeling like doing much.

The car had started dripping oil again, finally got it into the shop. The oil pan gasket was leaking. Yes I had that replaced by them a short time back. The claimed it was the crankshaft seal, which was seeping but not enough for a drip. At this point I have decided that Ross Chrysler here in Boone NC is just dishonest. A case of dishonest people working for a dishonest dealership. It was not mainly the money, $192 after much arguing, the wanted $231, + the original $391, but that they keep lying. Quote you may remember was $259 the first time, and 170 this time. The actual problem when I first took it there was the oip pressure sensor was leaking, a $100 repair at the most.

I also have been slowly getting the video kit together properly. Not that it was not to the point where I could actually do something with it, but any excuse not to get out and actually do something seems good enough. On the other hand, isn’t getting things set up “doing something”? Maybe I am too hard upon myself.

Let’s see:

I figured out what the problem was with the audio on Camera 2. First the #1 mic connector quit working, then just the other day the #2 quit too. I had just the day before tried out the mixer with that camera and I was scrared that it had burnt out the XLR adapter. But it turned out the connector between the XLR adapter and the camcorder was dirty. Some connector deoxidizer fixed that.

The mixer, I mentioned, seems to work fine despite being rather old. It is a Shure FP42 from maybe the 1970’s. It works on AC or 3-9v batteries, only the cord is not removable.  I have bought a syamised cable to connect it to the camcorder. And just ordered a AC power socket so I can use an unplugable cord on it. With it in a bag or with a shoulder strap, I will be able to use it as a somewhat heavy ENP mixer. I will have less than $100 in it, the real thing would cost a lot more.

Another piece just received is a microphone blimp windscreen. Got a pretty good deal on a made in India one. About 1/3rd the usual price. Those are the big thing on the end of a stick you see in photos of film shoots. They eliminate the wind roar you get recording without them.

Well, that is about it for this month.

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