A Fib

Nope, not a little lie, but a medical problem. As some of you may remember a long while back 1998-2002 I was dealing with atrial fibrillation (a-fib) along with some other health problems. Well it seems that you do not get away from some of that stuff after all.

Apparently my minor health problems. Being weak and tired. Those recurring flu like symptoms, stuffed up head, stomach problems, chills, etc. seem to have been caused by recurring a-fib. I came into it originally via extremely high blood presure which made me not realize that the low blood pressure & high pulse rates I was seeing were an indication for a-fib, especially for and older man.

Now, one of the things that was helping control my heart rate is the Cardura in conjunction with the Lotensin I have been taking for high blood pressure. Now every cardiologist I have talked to has said that was just not possible. On the other hand I have always had rather weird reactions to lots of medications that the doctors said could not be doing that. Should I listen to a doctor who has talked to me for 15 minutes, or to 68 years of experience with my own body?

One of the things that bothers me most is that I am not as smart as I used to be, and I read on the web where some folks taking Cardura say it made them stupid. So I decided to drop off it for awhile and see what happened. I kind of thought my mind was starting to work a bit better when I went into full time a-fib. Oh, that stuff had no effect on my heart rate, huh?

I am now taking a calcium channel blocker, beta blockers have the nasty side effect of making me seriously suicidal so I can not use them (enough people have had that side effect that the dr’s do not argue with me on that), and that seems to have my BP up a bit and my pulse down a bit which has my atrials pumping instead of just quivering most of the time although the pulse is still very uneven.

By the way, I am only taking half the Rx’ed dose until I see if I have any nasty side effects.

There is a rather good wiki article on atrial fibrillation now. Back in ’98 I spent two weeks researching and did not find out as much as that wiki tells you today.

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