The End

Unfortunately, lack of funds, lack of readership, and lack of energy means that I am going to have to let this site go. I believe it is paid up to the end of August, after that it will be no more.

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Remastering CD’s for loudness

I am currently working on remastering my cd’s so they will all play at approximately the same loudness level in my CD Changers as background music in the apartment.

Not as easy as I though at first. But by ripping them in Exact Audio Copy, then checking the levels in Audacity, then adjusting the levels with Wavegain for each CD, rechecking in Audacity. And, if okay, burning new ones with Ashampoo, I get something I can use.

The only real problem I ran into is that Wavegain will not deal with the long file names that some tracks have, I eventually figured out that I can adjust the levels of the entire rip of the CD by putting it in a directory and adjusting them all.

At this point with 12 cd’s done, I think I have about gotten it figured out. Only a couple of hundred to go.

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End of January

Let’s see?

Had a tooth removed a week ago today. It broke off just below the gum line. Not the most comfortable removal I have had. Still a bit sensitive. The dentist says I have to have two more cavities filled and a crown on one tooth, actually need crowns on several but my insurance does not cover them. That one needs to be done because it is an anchor for the upper partial. Being poor I get a discount, but it is still expensive.

I mentioned the Pioneer Speakers last time, finally got around to taking photo:


Those fancy bases are cardboard boxes with contact paper on them. The TV is connected to the stereo which is connected to the speakers.

We had our second snow night before last, and today it is supposed to be in the mid-50’s. Not so much global warming as drought weather.

I am sad to say that I am putting one weight again. Some my remember that I lost a lot when in the hospital a couple of years back, and could not put it back on. Now I am putting too much on. Sigh!


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As Time Goes By

Nope not a song, just a reference to not posting in a month. Again!

I was sick the week before xmas, convalescing the week after, and am now recovering. That means I am feeling better but still not up to snuff.

I found a pair of Pioneer 3-way 10-inch speakers at the local Good Will for $8 each. Fairly nice condition, and sound good. Not quite up to my homemade Frankenstein Speakers, but enjoyable. They are now hooked up to the H H Scott receiver and playing softly.

Since it is cold and about 5 inches of snow here, I have kind of hibernating at the moment.


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A couple audios from the Zoom F4

Here are a couple of test audios from the Zoom F4.

First a clip of the LyxPro used as an X/Y stereo pair. I tried to upload this the other day as a .wav file but it loaded really slow, so trying this time with a .mp3

This one is of the Radio Microphone now that I have a cable to connect it to the F4. Warning: First minute is real loud and had a lot of background noise (computer fans), after that I turneed the gain down to more normal levels.

I hope some of you may find these helpful.


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Film Project

In a discussion on one of the video forums I came up with the idea of doing a series of short films about what things were like when I was a kid. Being in my mid 70’s that was awhile back and many things were very different than they are today.

There was a discussion about where to get old photos and what to do about one that seems to be unique on the web with a message that he will not give permissions to use the images on his site.

Today I posted what is probably the first about planning this video, it was also somewhat personal, so I thought it would be more appropriate on this blog. The following is copied from that forum:


Being a lazy old fart, things are going slow on this.

I know most of you would have had something as simple as this is intended to be done in a week. I have decided to use my living room as the set, but have not even gotten it picked up yet. I still have to convert my thinking here to a written plan and at least outline my talk. I intend for this one to cover from 1949 when we moved to Detroit to about 1955. Most of the old days were in that period, changes after that were not so obvious.

I have decided that I will use that photo in a working version, not to be published, as well as some others. Then try to get permissions and better than web copies of them for the final version.

I do not know where the time goes, I seem to do almost nothing, but before I know it it is 2 or 3 in the morning and I need to go to bed. Of course I no longer need to be at work 7 in the morning, so get more sleep than I did when I was a lot younger. There was a time I kept a “to do” list, it got to be 8 pages long and was rather depressing before I threw it away.

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Microphone Test Video

A pretty much unedited test of the the LyxPro 2DPC-2 from the last post.

Overhead on boom stand about 8 inches above me and 8 inches toward the camera. Super Cardioid Capsule. Recording level was set about -12db in the Sony PDX10 Camcorder.

I do want to make it clear that this was not intended to be a finished video.

Considering that a pair mics with 3 capsules each in an aluminum case only cost $80, I am quite happy with them.

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More Toys

A pair of inexpensive mic’s. LyxPeo SDPC-2 Stereo Multi-Capsule Pencil Microphones. They came with that neat aluminum case.


The two microphones with omn-idirectional, cardioid, and super-cardioid capsules. Plus the usual mounts and foam windscreens. They seemed to work pretty well in my preliminary tests.


There I have them set up as an X/Y Stereo Pair recording into the Zoom F4 Field Recorder. Nope, that is not the Zoom behind them, it is the mixer-deck/audio-interface connected to my computer. NOTE: it is the angle I shot the photo from, the pair of mic’s were actually pointed at me when I was recording my wonderful voice (ha, ha, ha…).

Since Hyper/Super-Cardioid are used a lot in film production. I tried one of them with the Super-Cardioid Capsule. Sounded quite okay to me.

This set of mic’s cost only $80 on Amazon.


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My first video made for someone else

As the title indicates, I have made a video for the local library.

Before everyone jumps in and say that is not very professional looking. I told them beforehand that I was not up to producing pro quality videos yet.

Video was shot in SD Widescreen and uprez’d to HD. Music is a freebee from the web “Trick or Treat” no attributions was listed.

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Zoom F4 Digital Audio Recorder

Looks like, for the first time, I am going to be an early adopter of new technology.

The Zoom F4 Recorder became available to buy yesterday and I ordered one today. It is a motion picture orientated 4 channel recorder with timecode. Sort of like a Sound Devices 744T only a very lot cheaper. I have been wanting a digital audio recorder for a long long time, but I could not afford a professional one and the cheap ones did not interest me.


This is going to be my birthday present and Christmas present for the next couple of years.

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