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20 December 2005

Well, last July I bought a digital camera. A used Olympus C-5050Z that I intended to use for snapshots, eBay photos, and record shots. I am glad to say that it works well for those types of things. In fact it works well for a lot more than that.

I have been putting up an occasional photo to show on the Pentax Discussion Mailing List, or for someone to look at rather than emailing him a bunch of large jpegs. I will try over the next few weeks to get links to some of them entered here and to put up some other shots as well.

I will also try and write up some comments about my experience using digital. Be warned, I do not see digital as a replacement for film, but as an additional media to play with.

21 August 2006

I have finally started putting some content up on these digital pages. I guess everyone gave up on me long ago. If you should find yourself here the photographs link will take you to some of my digital photos.

12 February 2010

It has been a long time since I added something to this section of the website. I have been kind of down, and only using the C-5050z for snapshots, records, and occassionally eBay. Recently I strated getting stuff together to do some portraiture. So far I have a convertable studio set up in the bedroom of my apartment. And just the past couple of weeks I have gotten a DSLR. I have an article about 3/4 written an will try to get it up "real soon now". I also hope to bring in some more content for the Press Camera stuff. So this site is not dead, it has just been dormant for a bit.